Half Dog, Half Fish: Dog Breeds that Love Water Activities

Dogs are some of the most friendly animals in the world. Over the centuries, mankind has domesticated the feral wolf into something far more friendly and infinitely more loyal. Besides just their loving faces and adorable antics, dogs can be great friends for certain activities. If you love to kayak, swim, fish, or do any form of water activity, then you might be surprised to know that there are some dog breeds who are better suited for water activities than others. Some have been bred to enjoy the water and even assist in fishing or hunting. Whether you want your adorable dog to aid in your activity or just enjoy it with you, this article will offer five dog breeds that are the perfect companion for water activities.

  1. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - This form of the retriever is actually the smallest member of the retriever family. It was bred specifically for duck hunting and thus gives this adorable dance along the shore to entice ducks closer to it. Commonly referred to as the Toller, this dog is great with other dogs and people. They have a ton of energy which makes them great for the exhausting toll that water activities can bring. They're also quite intelligent, so you can easily train them to stay on your boat or kayak while you drive or paddle around. While the rich, red, coat of the Troller usually keeps it safe from sunburn, it is a good idea to apply the same sort of sunscreen that you would on a child on your dog. Put it on their nose, paws, belly, and over any shaved areas where the fur doesn't protect the skin.
  2. Labradoodle - Although it isn't an official breed, many families have come to love the Labrador and poodle mix. This is because it mixes the best qualities of both animals. The keen intelligence of the poodle mixed with the friendliness of the Labrador makes for a great family pet. It also makes them great partners for water activities.
  3. Irish Water Spaniel - It's in the name! This Spaniel loves the water and thus makes a great companion for your water activities. What makes this dog a great companion for the water is that its coat is specifically made for water. It's oily which allows it to repel water and keep the skin beneath it dry. With high intelligence, training the Irish Water Spaniel is quite easy. It's always possible for a dog's feet to become injured in the water. Having a first aid kit on hand can keep your dog protected from bacterial infection.
  4. Portuguese Water Dog - Historically, this dog was used to herd fish into the nets of fishermen. As such, they make for great fishing partners. They're comfortable being on a boat or kayak. Their coat helps to repel water and limits the amount of shedding that they do. Since they're working dogs, they are quite intelligent and easily trainable and love people.
  5. American Water Spaniel - Finally, you may want to consider the American Water Spaniel. This beautiful dog was bred with an even temperament which makes it quite suitable for apartment living. Their thick coat protects them from the chilly water temperatures. These dogs have a high level of endurance which makes them great for water sports and activities. Besides being intelligent, they're also quite relaxed and friendly dogs. When it comes to playing, they prefer versatility rather than doing the same thing.

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