How to Choose the Best Pet Bed

Choosing a bed for your pet should be simple. Everybody wants something clean, comfortable and durable. But more often than not, it doesn’t pan out.

And it’s because pet owners so frequently neglect 3 simple facts.

Before we get into it, pat yourself on the back.

Many in the world don’t care what their pet sleeps on. They’ll give their pet some worn comforter they found in the crawl space or let their pets sleep on the bare floor.

You’re here because you value your pet’s well-being. Thank you for being here, in more senses than one.

Now, let’s dig in.

Fact #1: The best pet beds come at a cost.

One of the biggest oversights you can make choosing a pet bed is going for a bargain and assuming it’s quality. The first rule, then, is that you get what you pay for, and it’s easy to make a few very common mistakes by giving in to our human nature.

You might see a really soft pet bed for under $20. But you’ll more than likely be stitching it up within weeks. Then re-stitching a week later. And so on.

At some point, you’re tired of picking cotton balls off the floor. So you head to the store for a higher-end pet bed. Maybe something in the $40 range.

At this point, you will have spent $60 on two pet beds. And a $40 pet bed will likely not be the clean, comfortable and durable pet bed you’re looking for.

It’s easy to make something durable. A tree stump is durable. But it’s not something to sleep on.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a great dog bed under $50.

GC pet beds, for example, sell just under $60. This is a not-too-soft, not-too-stiff foam bed that is durable and easy to wash. 

While good dog beds can be pricey, what you’re giving your pet is priceless. You’re improving their quality of life. And in doing so, you could be improving their longevity.

Here’s how…

Fact #2: The best pet beds are orthopedic.

Did you know that 60% of dogs show radiographic evidence of arthritis in their lifetime? Believe it or not, this can have huge implications for your pet’s lifespan.

Arthritis is especially common in big dogs. And no story sums up the phrase, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” like the story of Ox the Great Dane.

As a pup, Ox loved to run around and wrestle his friends in the park. By the time he was two years old, he was 200 pounds of pure muscle, able to hold his own.

Unfortunately, all that weight was hard for Ox to carry after a while.

Dogs like Ox are more prone to arthritic conditions than other dogs. Prolonged pressure on the joints can wear their cartilage down and eventually leave them unable to play as they once did.

This happens very quickly with Great Danes and other large breeds. They go out of commission, they become less active, and it makes them prime candidates for heart disease.

Great Danes tend to live only 6-8 years. Sadly, Ox made it only 5.

Larger pets will always have more of these issues compared to smaller ones. But here’s the thing…

Ox started slowing down when he was only 3 years old. And you have to wonder how much his bed situation contributed to this.

Ox slept on a stack of towels when he was alive. And this is a problem.

Dogs spend 12-14 hours in their beds. That is more than half of their entire life. How they spend that time determines whether their joints get the rest they need to conquer the next day.

Without a comfortable orthopedic bed, they will be stiff. That makes them more prone to injury and wear in their usual play.

So the firmness of their bed is of utmost importance. If it’s too soft, they’ll sink, which is bad for their posture and recovery. If it’s too hard, it might as well be the floor.

You need a dog bed that is not-too-soft, not-too-firm. GC pet beds have an orthopedic, anti-microbial foam core that supports your pet’s joints for that critical half of their lives. 

We are talking better sleep here. And it could help your pet live longer and happier.

Now, here’s the last thing to make both you and your pet happy with the perfect pet bed.

Fact #3: The best pet beds have layers.

An orthopedic bed will usually consist of some kind of strong foam to support your pet’s body without allowing them to sink. Of course, that foam could not last without a cover.

The cover might not seem like a big deal. But what you decide to put around your pet’s foam bed could be the difference in saving you loads of money and time.

It could be the most comfortable foam mattress in the world. But it could get dirty over time, or your pet could chew it up. You need to protect it from the elements—because you can’t put foam in a washer. You want a cover for your pet’s bed that is both washable and able to protect the core of the pet bed.The GC pet bed offers both of those. It uses a “Triple Layer System.” A comfort core foam mattress is covered by a nylon to prevent water damage and keep your pets from breaking it with their teeth. And finally, there is a cushy fleece for the outer layer. The outer cover is easy to remove and throw in the wash. But as an added bonus, the inner foam layer is antimicrobial. That means the material itself keeps bacteria and viruses away. GC pet beds are clean, comfortable and durable.



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