Is Your Dog Exhibiting Poor Behaviors? Doing THIS will help

For most dog owners our pets are family. Nothing brings us more joy than spending time with our best canine friend. But sometimes their behavior can lead to frustration, embarrassment and even fear. No one wants to think about the family dog hurting themselves or someone else. Whether you are bringing home a new puppy and just don't know where to begin, or you have had your furry friend for a while and are noticing some unwanted behaviors, a professional dog trainer may be the perfect solution for you. Dog trainers can improve the life and mental well-being of your pet and give you peace of mind. Here are five benefits of hiring a professional dog trainer.

  1. Emotional and Physical Exercise
    1. Working regularly with a trainer not only provides your pet with necessary exercise but allows them valuable mental stimulation as well. A professional trainer can teach your dog to focus, obey commands and avoid unwanted behaviors. This, in turn, empowers your pup to play an active role in their behavior. A well-trained dog will have more confidence in themselves and will be less prone to anxiety and destructive behaviors. Along with confidence, the physical exercise that your dog will encounter will help with stress and allow them more peaceful sleep and relaxation.
  2. Helps You Understand Your Dog
    1. A well-trained professional will help you understand your dog's specific behaviors. Hands on work with your dog trainer can give you some insight into cues and triggers which may better explain why your dog behaves the way they do. This familiarity and understanding of behavior can lead to a stronger bond with your furry family friend. When you begin to better understand why your dog behaves in a certain way you will be better equipped to help them change their behavior over time. With regular work you and your dog will grow closer over time.
  3. Consistency
    1. Your growing confidence and understanding of your pet will only be strengthened with consistent training sessions. Not only can a professional dog trainer work with you on long-term solutions, but they can teach you to continue practicing behaviors with your dog even in their absence. Learning how to work with your dog from your trainer will encourage you to continue to work with your dog in the future.
  4. Provides Socialization
    1. Without regular socialization dogs can grow restless and fearful of new people. This can lead to anxious and sometimes even dangerous behaviors. Working regularly with a professional dog trainer allows your pet to interact with someone outside of the family.


Here are a few sites to get you started finding a professional dog trainer to help you and your pet:

• The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

• International Association of Canine Professionals

• - Pet Trainers

You can easily achieve a happy and peaceful household with your dog. Whether they bark excessively, exhibit separation anxiety, chew furniture, or need to be house trained, a dog trainer can work with you to empower you with the tools you need to have a wonderful relationship with a calm and well-behaved pup.

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