Shopping for a new Dog bed? Here are some things to consider -- and a chance to win one FREE

First things first: if you like the features that I am going to discuss below -- yes, we are giving a few of these beds out for free. Just enter your info in this form, and we'll reach out to you shortly:
Now, let's discuss some features that you want to see in your dog bed that will make your life easier and your dog a lot  (A LOT!) happier.

And yes, we have combined them all in our product -- why do you think I am writing this?  This is because I am a believer in pet happiness and in owner comfort combined -- and I put my products where my mouth is  (Link at the end of the article)

1. Pet comfort.

Let's put them first, should we? Yes, you can just throw down a blanket and call it good. But is this fair to them? (Here is a good article that I have that relates a story of a beautiful Great Dane who ended up with painful arthritis from sleeping all his life on a blanket). How can I sleep on tempurpedic, three layer mattress in clean conscience while my dog is huddled up on a blanket I would never get any decent sleep laying all night on?
SO: let's construct a bed that mimics best mattresses. Three layers of comfort, for support, ortho stability, and softness. Yeah, baby! Not just a double-layer dog bed: tripple, just like what human mattress companies pride themselves on!

2. Cleanliness

 Next to godliness, you know. You don't need me to talk to you about the ethical part. So, let's talk about the practical part. Who wants the lingering dog smell in their house? But what would happen if you didn't change your sheets for 5 or 6 months? BO, right. BAD BO. And yet, many dog beds lack the "washable" feature. Paradox? Really.
SO: let's add a moisture resistant washable cover. You know, the one that doesn't soak through, and then can be easily removed and thrown into the washing machine. And how do you "easily remove" it? Zipper! No crouching on your knees by the dog bed, undoing all those matted in buttons --as opposed to a "solution" offered by most other manufactures who offer a washable cover. And don't forget the no-soaking-through part!
3. Indestructibility
     Well, you can destroy anything, if you put your mind to it.  So I am not saying that this bed is "indestructible"". It's just it is made from tear resistant materials, and sown together VERY well, so it make it VERY hard for your dog to destroy it. If you are getting a new puppy, you are going to thank me for this later. I promise.
And then -- 
Of course: those nice little features, like being able to select a color to match your dog room, or even put your dog's name on it and make a nice welcome gift out of it. I have not forgotten about those.

But I invite you to buy this dog bed for its main features discussed above: make your dog's sleep as comfortable as you would yours, eliminate dog smell from your entire apartment, and save money by not having to buy another one next month, after your dog has torn the stuffing out of it
(For a limited time I am even throwing in a free extra cover, to use while the other one is in the wash)

(And the best part: your purchase will support dog shelters -- more info in the link above)

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