The Most Important Factor You Won’t Consider About Your Pet

Pets - those cute and cuddly creatures that turn our world upside down with love and affection, making our world a better place. At least, that is what most pet owners dream of. With a little luck and some handy educational information, you can find the pet that is right for you.

Be Realistic About Your Reality

Pets are awesome companions. They give their owners so much to appreciate if their environment is well-suited for their needs. Before you pooh-pooh (pun intended) this aspect, take some time to really think about how awareness of a pet's environment is actually crucial.

A pet's energy level should not be higher than the owner's. Your reality and your lifestyle are important to any pet's well-being. Neglecting to look at the animal's natural energy level is a common mistake, but can be addressed! Ask yourself these questions when considering a new pet:

  1. What is my temperament and what kind of pet would have a similar temperament that would complement my style?
  2. How much time in a day will I spend with my pet?
  3. How much room does my pet need to be comfortable inside and outside?
  4. Am I willing to fight ALL weather elements to properly take care of my pet?
  5. Am I willing to rethink my own desires for owning a (specific) pet in order to make the safest and smartest pet selection?

These are just a few important questions that you should ask yourself when seeking a new pet. Part of considering your new pet’s general nature and overall energy level involves thinking about what will make your pet feel comfortable and happy in his new environment. Items such as stimulating toys and a comfortable place to sleep will ease your pet’s transition into your home.

A few words about that comfortable sleeping place. After being in the business of creating dog accessories for a few years, we have come to realize that not all beds are created equal. Not every bed that you can pick up at Walmart is going to be comfortable for your new dog. Why not? The most common problems we have noticed are getting dirty too quickly (and thus developing a smell that is hard to get rid of) and being too hard: the dog starts to avoid it and adopts a couch or some other place instead. Most manufactured do not think about these things that define comfort for both you and the dog – just like some people do not take their dog’s personality seriously.

Keeping an Open Heart

It is important to think not just about the pet that want, but also to consider the nature of the animal that you will be adopting. When you help your pet become comfortable in your home it fosters a great relationship between you and your pet. As a great pet parent, you need to have an open heart and be your pet’s biggest advocate 100% of the time. Proper pet ownership and animal respect are big responsibilities that all pets deserve. A good rule of thumb is to assume whatever responsibilities you imagine are needed, double or triple that assumption because the unexpected always comes up in pet ownership.

Please resist the temptation to get that perfect "dream pet". Chances are that dream could turn out to be a nightmare for both you and your pet. High-energy animals need continual physical and mental activity. Frequent walks are a must for high energy pets. Be honest with yourself about how feasible accommodating this need will be once you own a high-energy animal.

If the dream of owning a pet keeps you up at night for all the right reasons, consider adopting pets who will fit into your lifestyle appropriately. With a little planning, you can be the best pet parent for your new pet.

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